13th July 2017

SI 2017/720

The Offshore Installations (Safety Zones) (No. 3) Order 2017. Comes into force 6th July. This Order establishes, under Section 22 of the Petroleum Act 1987, safety zones having a radius of 500 metres from the specified point around the four installations (which are subsea installations). The installations are; Kraken Drill Centre 4, Block 9/2b, Kraken Field, Horne and Wren, Block 53/3c. Horne and Wren Field, Edradour PLEM, Block 206/4a, Edradour Field and Lancaster Manifold, Block 205/21a, Lancaster Field.

29th June 2017

SSI 2017/225

The Energy Performance of Buildings (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2017.  Comes into force 1st October.  These Regulations amend the Energy Performance of Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2008 (SSI 2008/309).

These Regulations increase the fees payable under regulation 10A of the 2008 Regulations in respect of the entering of the energy performance data onto the register. The fee is increased from £1.15 to £2.60 where the data relates to a dwelling and from £5.36 to £12.10 where the data relates to another type of building or building unit.


28th June 2017

SI 2017/706

The Antarctic (Amendment) Regulations 2017.  Comes into force 31st July. These Regulations update the Antarctic Regulations 1995. (SI 1995/490). They replace Schedules 1 and 2 to those Regulations with new schedules containing up-to-date lists, coordinates and descriptions of all restricted areas and historic sites and monuments in force under the Antarctic Treaty System. These Regulations also delete regulation 16 and Schedule 3 of the 1995 Regulations.