‘HSE Legislation Software’ made simple

  • Quickly draw together, build and maintain single or multiple relevant Environmental Legislation, Energy  Legislation, Health & Safety Legislation, and Safeguarding Legislation Legal Registers, covering: England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland, Republic of Ireland Legislation using our HSE Legislation compliance management software.
  • Plain English ‘at a glance’, ‘in depth’ summaries and ‘full text’ version of each piece of HSE Legislation are provided
  • Create multiple ‘Master’ registers, multiple ‘Subsidiary’ registers to cater for single and/or multi-site operations or temporary projects
  • Assign actions, attach documents or guidance papers and score your compliance
  • Create Audits, Checklists, Record and Score ‘Non-Conformities’
  • Store supporting & important Documents securely
  • Capture and manage Environmental Aspects and Impacts
  • Use our “Risk Register”, our new risk assessment software module. identify, Risks & score compliance
  • Create, share and track HSE Legislation compliance options
  • Use our “Governance” module to manage multi site compliance
  • Keep your ISO9001/14001/27001 Legal registers up to date
  • Manage your internal audits
  • Access “Guidance” papers quickly and easily
  • View forthcoming HSE Legislation events
  • Support your compliance management systems including: ISO 27001, 14001, 9001, 18001, 45001 and Acorn

Simplifi HSE Legislation software is a secure, unique & simple software solution that helps you draw together and understand your organisations obligations to HSE Legislation, to enable you to build single or multiple Legislation Legal Registers. Your Legal Registers are automatically updated with new, changed and updated Environmental Legislation, Health & Safety Legislation, Energy Legislation and Safeguarding Legislation, an ‘E-Alert’ system will make you immediately aware of any changes or new Legislation relevant to you &/or your organisation, to ensure you are fully informed of all your compliance obligations. To further help you manage and show your awareness Simplifi HSE Legislation software provides you with a suite of management software modules that together create a simple, comprehensive, dynamic and cost effective method for finding, understanding, managing and demonstrating your Legal compliance,