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26th April 2022

RPS on CO2 from anaerobic digestion

The Environment Agency has issued a Guidance Note (RPS 255) on Treating, storing, and using carbon dioxide from anaerobic digestion. This regulatory position statement (RPS) sets out the Environment Agency’s enforcement position. It’s about carbon dioxide (CO2) that meets food and beverage or industrial grade standards from anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. It applies to AD plants that do not have either this specific activity listed in their current permit or an environmental permit for a waste operation.


4th April 2022

HSE targets the wood working sector for 2022 inspections

From April, HSE inspectors will be visiting business within the woodworking sector, such as sawmilling, manufacture of composite boards and carpentry, as well as other industries where wood dust exposure can occur. Inspectors will be looking for evidence that employers have considered the control measures required to reduce workers exposure to wood dust, that workers understand the risks of exposure to wood dust, and effective control measures have been put in place.

31st March 2022

Proposal for new EU Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation

The European Commission announced, on 30th March, a proposal for a new Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation.  The proposal builds on the existing Ecodesign Directive, which currently only covers energy-related products.  The proposal establishes a framework to set ecodesign requirements for specific product groups (with the exception of food and animal feed) .