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18th December 2015

Essex firm fined £750,000

An Essex manufacturing company has been fined £750,000 and ordered to pay costs of £29,511 following an incident, in September 29013, when a worker was fatally crushed after his arm was caught in a powered roller. The incident occurred because a critical guard was not in place.

23rd November 2015

Construction industry new guidance for health risks

The construction industry has launched new guidance to encourage better management of occupational health risks.

The guidance, published by The Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) Health Risks Working Group, offers advice on assessing the risks to health in the construction industry and the role of occupational health service provision in preventing or controlling those risks.

18th November 2015

Managing risks from skin exposure at work

Managing risks from skin exposure at work (HSG262). The guidance in this edition has been refreshed and references updated.