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24th October 2021

Plastic Packaging Tax

A question was asked about the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) which is due to come into force in April 2022.  This is a new tax which will apply to any business which produces or imports into the UK more than ten tonnes of plastic packaging per annum.   All businesses meeting or exceeding the ten-tonne threshold must register with HMRC.  Plastic packaging will be taxed at £200/tonne unless evidence can be provided that the packaging in question contains more than 30% recycled content or is otherwise exempt. The legislation concerning this tax is The Finance Act 2021 (A 2021 c.26).Part 2.

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21st October 2021

New guidance on controlling noise at work

HSE has published a new edition of the guidance book Controlling Noise at Work.

This third edition of L108 is aimed at employers and other dutyholders and includes the Control of Noise at Work Regulations alongside guidance on what they mean, setting out an employer’s legal obligations to control risks to workers’ health and safety from noise. It also gives detailed advice on assessing risks, practical noise control, how to select and use hearing protection, what to consider when buying and hiring equipment and how to develop health surveillance procedures.

22nd September 2021

HSE to focus on dust in construction

The HSE’s autumn health and safety initiative for the construction industry will focus on respiratory risks and occupational lung disease, looking at the control measures businesses have in place to protect their workers’ lungs from construction dust including silica, asbestos and wood dust. This month long program will commence on 4th October.