SIMPLIFi guidance

software features

  • Full up to date guidance library with guidance from:
  • DEFRA and the HSE
  • UK Regulatory authorities
  • European Union, including regulations and directives
  • and a whole range of other sources

Access the guidance documents you need in minutes without searching for hours…….

If you’ve ever spent any time looking for a guidance document, best practice information, an approved code of practice (ACoP) or EU regulations then you know how time consuming this can be.

Our guidance module provides all of this information, in one easy, convenient resource, which is fully searchable and displayed in a familiar and user friendly manner.

The user can use the guidance module to upload their own documentation, permits, consents, other requirements and records of compliance to allow for easy auditing.

Once uploaded, documentation can be attached to legislation, allowing for better referencing, auditing and making demonstrating compliance simple and straight forward.

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