simplifi compliance software faqs

1What is Simplifi compliance software?
Simplifi Solutions Ltd provide is a full on-line automated, compliance management system that allows its users to create and manage their Legislative compliance to Environmental, Energy and Health and Safety. A Simplifi user is able to construct bespoke, current and automatically updated Legal registers. Legal Registers that are complimented by further Simplifi compliance software modules that help a user to take command of their management of their compliance to current Legislation. These modules equip a user with the ability to supervise Aspects, Actions, Documentation, Internal Audits and Risks.

The Simplifi system was originally created over 10years ago, to help clients quickly, efficiently and cost effectively build a Legal Register and to give them the ability to keep that register up to date by providing regular updates of new and changed Legislation. Over the years these Simplifi systems have evolved, through embracing new technology, listening to customers and developing new software Simplifi has responded by developing efficient systems that provide a user friendly, simple to use, fully rounded compliance management system.

Essentially providing a suite of management modules built around, supporting and complimenting a bespoke Legal Register.
2Why do I need Simplifi compliance software?
The process of building and managing a relevant Legal Register, (an essential part of any business), can be an extremely time consuming process, firstly you need to fully understanding your business, its processes and its responsibilities. Once you have created a relevant Leagl Register its essential that you are then able to show that you have understood, reacted and responded to the details contained within that Legal Register, updating both your Legal Register with changed and new legislation and continuing to show your understanding and compliance.

Simplifi recognised that there was a need to make this process faster and efficient by cleverly developing software that automates a series of processes which were previously labour intensive and time consuming. By providing a user friendly, intuitive platform which is equally usable by both an organisation or individual. Allowing a user to effectively manage all areas of their Environmental, Energy and Health and Safety compliance, in short, it takes the headache away from managing Legal Compliance.
3What is a legal register?
Legislation is issued by the UK Government making all its citizens aware of their responsibilities to each other and the environment. Issued Legislation is constantly reviewed and changed with new Legislation issued in response to the ever changing business environment.

As such it is imperative that all UK businesses are aware of their responsibilities to Environmental, Energy and Health and Safety Legislation.

A Legal Register is a register of Legislation; it draws together all the relevant Legislation that is applicable to a particular business. No two Legal Registers are the same as every business is unique in its approach.

In short a ‘Legal Register’ makes a company aware of its Legal responsibilities it represents the ‘backbone’ of a company’s HSE policy.
4Why do I need a Legal register?
Legislation is issued by the UK Government making all its citizens aware of their responsibilities to each other and the environment. Issued Legislation is constantly reviewed and changed with new Legislation issued in response to the ever changing business environment.

As such it is imperative that all UK businesses are aware of their responsibilities to Environmental, Energy and Health and Safety Legislation.

In order to ensure your organisation complies with Legislation you must first identify what Legislation applies to that organisation. A ‘Legal Register’ will help identify what legislation is relevant to that organization it will also allow a business to understand and interpret how that legislation applies to your organisation. This provides the basis from which you can assess your compliance of the legislation and carry out compliance checks on a regular basis.
5Can’t I just make a list of applicable legislation using word or excel?
You can do this, but a list of legislation is just that – a list. As Legislation is constantly changing with new and amended Legislation being issued and published daily. It makes the task of updating and managing a legal register that has been produced in Word, Excel or on paper extremely time consuming and complicated. Unless your Legal register is kept up to date your organisation may miss a vital piece of Legislation.

Simplifi have a dedicated team that is constantly monitoring and updating our extensive Legislation Library making your bespoke Legal Register a live, dynamic, interactive document.

With easy to read summaries for each piece of Legislation and modules that assist with compliance assessments, responses to Legislation can be recorded, notes captured, relevant documents or guidance papers can be attached to individual items further providing evidence of awareness and demonstrating compliance to new or changed relevant Legislation.

Our software also allows for any necessary, associated actions to be generated and assigned to individuals that can then be tracked through to completion.

With all entries and changes are recorded and date and time stamped to provide a permanent audit trail.

Simplifi software allows for all these process to be done in one place and to be managed quickly and efficiently taking away the time consuming and stressful process of manually maintaining a Legal Register.
6Is the legal Register updated automatically?
Your bespoke Legal Register will be automatically updated. A dedicated team, monitor and research new and current legislation updating the Simplifi database daily. This in turn, ensures that all of our clients Legal Registers are up to date. Each time a user logs in to their Simplifi account they can see which legislation has been updated, both relevant (within their Legal register) and not relevant or in the “not applicable” area of their data base.
7How often is the legislation updated?
Simplifi have built up a substantial Legislation Library of Environmental, Energy and Health & Safety Legislation, all this Legislation is connected to our unique profiling wizard. Our dedicated team are constantly reviewing Legislation keeping our data up to date on a daily basis.
8How do I receive Legislation updates?
Once our team have updated or added some Legislation our profiling tool automatically notifies all those users to whom the information is relevant. Users are notified of updates via the home page dashboard and they can also ‘opt in’ to our email alert service. Simplifi also produce a monthly newsletter which provide a round up of information of new and amended legislation to our users and subscribers. The newsletter also offers news of consultations and prosecutions, along with other useful information.
9Can I print reports?
Simplifi have recognised the need for its users to be able to print out information as a result there are many reporting options within the different modules. The legal register, for example provides a reporting function that allows filters and preferences to be applied as required. Once a user is happy they have all the relevant information they require a Report can be created in a PDF format.

As well as providing reporting functionality within individual modules, Simplifi also offer a dedicated, powerful and flexible reporting module. The “Management Reporting” module offers the capability to create customised reports which can be scheduled to be emailed to assigned personnel at predefined intervals.
10Will the Legal Register meet my ISO requirements?
The Simplifi system has supported many organisations with their ISO legislation requirements. Receiving a significant amount of feedback from users whose auditors have been very impressed with Simplifi and how it can be used as an integral and trusted component within the organisations compliance management.

Simplifi have further embrace the increasing need for organisations that need to become more ISO focussed and, in response, have created two new modules specific to ISO9001 and ISO14001 specific to offer support to our clients with this important area of their business.
11Do I need all of the Simplifi modules?
Over many years Simplifi have developed in response to enquiries from its many customers a series of Module, these modules have been created to act as ‘ribs’ to complement a ‘Legal Register’ backbone. Our packages allow a potential user to include those modules they feel will help them manage their Legislation compliance so that our clients are able to utilise the functionality that they need without duplicating processes or creating additional work. A dedicated account manager will always work with our client to establish what their exact requirements are and to build a suitable package.
12What are the modules and what do they do?
13How much does Simplifi cost?
The Simplifi system has been developed for all sizes of business and our client list include sole proprietor businesses right up to large international companies with multiple sites.

Our most basic package offers a user the ability to build a ‘Legal Register’ that will be kept updated by Simplifi, by adding modules this package can be built in to a substantial system that is able to cope with a multitude of demands. Therefore the system is modular and our dedicated account manager will discuss with you, what your business needs are and Simplifi will tailor the most cost effective solution that will meet those needs and your budget!
14Is there additional cost to have Energy, Environmental and Health and Safety legislation?
Many in the industry will seek to offer separate Legal Registers and charge for keeping each up to date separately. Simplifi have recognized that our clients, to have a correct rounded view, require to be fully aware of Legislation covering Energy, Environmental and Health & Safety therefor there is no additional cost.
15Can Simplifi help us with Risk Management?
Simplifi have recognized an increasing demand for Risk management and the ability to record and show awareness of potential Risks. In response Simplifi have developed a fully integrated ‘Risk Register’ module to allow our users to capture and assess risks. It is an interactive module that provides links to legislation, assigned stakeholders, related actions and management reports.

Click here for a details of the Simplifi Risk Register Module