what type of company needs a Legal register?

1What type of company needs a Legal register?
UK Legislation is issued to make all owners, shareholders, stakeholders, managers, employers and employees of a company based and trading within the UK aware of their Legal obligations, therefore a Legal Register is as important to a sole proprietor as a major organization in fact its important to everyone who engages in business within the UK.
2How big is a Legal Register?
As a Legal Register is as important to ALL businesses large or small the size of your Legal Register will depend on the scope of your business enterprises.
Simplifi have focused its service and expertise on providing Legislation that is focused in the Energy, Environmental and Health and Safety sectors. Therefore, a Legal Register can be small or Large depending on what your business does.
3How long does it take to build a Legal Register?
Simplifi provide a simple unique profiling wizard, a user is directed to answer a few initial questions, these will determine the scope of further questions that in turn drill down to the detail of your organization. Once these questions are answered our profiling wizard collates all the information and creates a relevant Energy, Environmental and Health &Safety Legal Register. As these questions have been honed over many years experience the whole process of creating your Legal register takes a matter of minutes. Not Long when you consider the dangers of not being aware of your Legal responsibilities.
4Who can build a Legal Register?
To build a Legal Register using the Simplifi profiling wizard couldn’t be easier for someone with a reasonable knowledge of their business. The Simplifi user answers a series of unique question cards that help our profiling tool create a picture of your organization and the relevant Energy, Environmental and Health and Safety Legislation should be added to your Legal Register creating a bespoke list of relevant Legislation that will be kept up to date with any changes or amendments automatically.
5Where do I keep the Legal Register?
After creating your Legal Register via the Simplifi profiling tool, your Legal Register is stored on-line in a secure encrypted environment. To view your bespoke register, you sign in to your account with your unique account sign on details. You will see a homepage which informs you of any changed of amended Legislation relevant to your business, you can then click through to your Legal Register which appears as a list of the Legislation relevant to your business, you can use this list to show that you have reviewed all the relevant legislation, you have the option to edit your register and remove or add other pieces of Legislation you feel need to be excluded or included for your particular business. As all our Legislation is kept up to date, daily e-alerts will be sent directly to those relevant users within your organization alerting them to any relevant changes to the Legislation that is listed on their bespoke Legal Register. Further modulated software tools are then available to help personnel manage and show their awareness and compliance to relevant Legislation and any relevant changes.
6Who can view the Legal Register?
Simplifi offer an annual subscription to our clients, once an account is created and once your Legal Register has been produced by our profiling wizard, all those within your organization you feel need to be made aware of the Legal Register and, any changes or amendments to Legislation, can be set up as a user. To help manage these users there are differing levels of access that can be allocated to them. There is also the ability to create Sub Registers for individual or satellite sites or sections of your business that you feel don’t need to see a full Legal Register.
All Simplifi ‘users’ accounts are assigned a unique set of encrypted sign on details, so you can see who has been accessing your account and any comments or changes they have made to their compliance with your Legal Register.
7What Legislation will my Legal Register cover?
Simplifi carry a Legislation Library of over 3500 pieces of relevant Energy, Environmental and Health & Safety Legislation, Simplifi also include a number of relevant EU Directives for information. Simplifi users have the added advantage that they are able to add pieces of Legislation, Guidance Documents, Notes and other relevant Documentation that might be relevant to that business but fall outside of the Simplifi scope.