simplifi a register faqs

Do you need an Health and Safety or Environmental Legal Register, if you do why not try our Profiling Wizard to help build your register.

1What is Simplifi a Register?
Building a legal Register is an important part of any organizations management of its HSE Legislative compliance, however not all businesses need or have the resources to subscribe to a daily updated Legislation compliance management system. Therefore Simplifi created ‘Simplifi a Register’ to provide such users with access to the Simplifi register builder wizard, giving them the ability to build an ‘on the day’ Legal Register that provides current and relevant ‘on that day’ Environmental and Health and Safety Legislation.
2How does it work?
A user signs in to ‘Simplifi- a- Register’ via the main Simplifi website and pay’s a one off fee. This then gives a user access to the Simplifi Register builder wizard. A user will be shown a number of question cards that require ‘tick box’ replies, by reading these replies our ‘wizard’ draws in the relevant Legislation that builds a Legal Register. Once the wizard is completed, the relevant Legal Register will be available to download or print in Word or PDF form.
3Will I be able to have the Legal Register as a “Word” document?
Yes. Once the profile wizard is complete, the system will allow the user the option to download to either Word or PDF format.
4Will my Legal Register be updated with changes to legislation?
‘Simplifi a register’ was created to provide Legislation ‘on the day’. Once a legal register has been created a user will need to manage that Legal Register regularly to ensure that it remains accurate and up to date. Alternatively, Simplifi can offer you continuous daily legislation updates however you would need to subscribe to one of our very reasonable ‘daily’ update packages.
5Can I get an updated Register by printing off another one, as and when required?
Yes, the great thing about ‘Simplifi a Register’, is, that once a user has registered and worked through the profiling wizard, that organisation’s profile is stored securely within the Simplifi database. So each time you want to print off a new Register, the user just needs to sign in and make a payment. The Register will have been updated and still be relevant to that organisation.
6What if our business has changed since the last time we printed a register?
That is no problem. Each time a user logs in and pays for a new register, they will always have the option to print from their previous profile or to edit their profile before printing a new register.
7Is there a restriction as to how many registers we can print?
Simplifi a Register is designed to provide an ‘on-the day’ Legal Register, once printed you will need to pay for a further ‘on-the-day’ register. This reflects the fluid situation that as our legislation is being updated daily you may find that a register printed in the morning may be different in the afternoon.
8How much does Simplifi a Register cost?
The cost for one Simplifi a Register is £80 plus Vat for either a Health and safety or Environmental register or if a combined Health and Safety and Environmental register is required this would cost £150 plus Vat.
9I’m not sure if we should purchase Simplifi a Register or sign up to Simplifi’s full software system what would you recommend?
Unfortunately this is a decision you will have to make, however if it helps:
  • S-a-R is designed to offer an ‘on the day’ Legal Register. This register will need to be kept up to date by you or your organization.
The daily updated Simplifi Solutions System offers:
  • Real time Updates with new or amended legislation that is relevant to your business.
  • On-Line Live access to Legislation, amendments and forthcoming events
  • The option for single or Multiple Legal Registers
  • Access to multiple users and off site managers
  • Multiple site access.
  • Management Modules to help you manage and demonstrate your compliance