simplifi a register

S ‘a’ R

Use ‘Simplifi- a- Register’ when a one off “on the day” printed Legal register is all you require….

Our new ‘Simplifi a Register’ option allows you to print a Health and Safety Legislation /Environmental Legislation Legal register whenever you need it, without the need to subscribe to a Simplifi ‘daily updated’ Legislation compliance software package.

Simply complete the profiling wizard, and the Simplifi register builder will automatically construct a bespoke and relevant Legislation Legal register. The register can be stored in both Word and PDF format and also printed when required.

Simplifi have a team of researchers who constantly monitor new and amended legislation and because your profile is stored securely and confidentially within the secure Simplifi data base your profile will be ‘up to date’ when you next need a Health and Safety / Environmental  Legislation Legal Register.

  • Cost effective “on the day” Register of Relevant HSE Legislation
  • Build your Legislation Legal register in minutes, not hours
  • Utilises Simplifi’s unique profiling tool and automatic Legal Register builder
  • Creates an Environmental Legislation / Health & safety Legislation Legal Register applicable to any size of organisation
  • User friendly interface with intelligent profiling questions
  • Print your Legal register in Word or PDF
  • Register is created in an industry recognised and widely audited format
  • Saves an organisations profile’ for subsequent automatically updated registers


  • Navigate to click the ‘Simplifi a Register’ option
  • Register your company details. – (These will be stored securely and not passed to any third party).
  • Use the PayPal options to make your payment.
  • Click the ‘build a new register’ option – this will take you to our unique profiling wizard.
  • Complete the profiling wizard by answering the series of questions about what your organisation does, what your processes are and what you store on site.
  • Print your register in Word or PDF
  • Print subsequent registers whenever you need to.