How does the 'Audit' module work?

1How does the Audit module work?
Simplifi’s Audit module allows a user to create Audit “types”. Once the user has established their audit types - e.g ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Internal fire safety audits etc, checklists can be created and assigned to the Audit types. The user can have as many Audit types and checklists as required. Each Audit created, and the desired Audit type is chosen, the relevant associated checklists are made available, with the option to answer pre-defined questions, record comments and also attach supporting evidence. Giving the user the ability to record the Audit result including recommendations and associated evidence.
2Will the Simplifi Audit module provide me with an Audit Report?
Yes, all Audit reports are produced automatically in a PDF format, they are also held in an encrypted format at our secure data centre for future reference.
3Can I create corrective actions that arise as a result of the internal Audit process?
Yes, any related actions can be initiated and scheduled using the 'Actions' module within Simplifi. Additionally a useful email alert system provides comprehensive action tracking and reporting.
4Can I use the Simplifi Audit module to schedule future Audits?
Yes, when the user enters the Audit details, there is an option to displays a calendar which allows the user to start the Audit on that day or at any future date.