what is the aspects register module?

1What is the Aspects Register module?
Simplifi’s aspects Register module offers a simple and organised approach to identifying how areas of your business could or may potentially impact the environment. Once environmental aspects are identified and recorded Simplifi have created an automatic scoring mechanism which will score each aspect. Other features of this module include the ability to link aspects with legislation, attach relevant documentation, and print reports.
2How does the Aspects register work?
To build your aspect register click the Build New Register button which will take you to the register details page. You will then be required to give the register a name.
You can then add categories for your aspects, categories can be whatever you want themto be such as air, water, waste, location etc. Once you have created your register you can add aspects to it by clicking the Add new aspect button on the required category page.
You can then assign:
  • Reference
  • Aspect Name
  • Impact
  • Condition: N = Normal, A = Abnormal, E = Emergency
You can also assign a significance score to each aspect which will help you to prioritize which aspects will be addressed first which is usually the highest scoring ones.
Scoring is based on:
  • Legal compliance
  • Frequency of occurrence
  • Severity of impact
  • Likelihood of occurrence
When you click the save button, the score will be automatically calculated based on thefollowing method: (Legal+Frequency+Severity) x Likelihood = significance score.
Once an aspect has been created you can use the drop down menu next to it to assign:
  • Legislation from your legal register: this helps to monitor compliance and relate where aspects have occurred
  • Documents: from Guidance and Documents module
  • Comments: to monitor change and the reason for it
3Why would we need the Aspects Register module?
As a requirement of ISO 14001 and as best practice for any Environmental Management System, a structured method of identifying and controlling environmental aspects and impacts is essential.
4We currently categorise our environmental aspects into different types and for different areas of the business. Could Simplifi’s Aspects Register allow for this?
Absolutely, the Aspects Register provides the option to create as many different categories as you require. You can even create reports by category.
5Can I print my Environmental Aspects?
Yes, Simplifi provide various reporting alternatives within the Aspects module. There is an option for a brief overview report, a detailed report and our users can even report by category.