what is the ‘Governance’ module?

1What is the Simplifi Governance module?
Simplifi’s Governance Module offers an easy to use and intuitive mechanism to record and demonstrate a progressive audit trail of compliance and governance related to individual items of Legislation.
2How does the Governance module work?
The module allows the user to create instances of Governance relating to specific items of legislation and to send them to colleagues across various sites or areas of the business to track compliance and encourage feedback. Email alerts are sent and recipients can report their findings.
3Why would we need the Governance module?
You would need the Governance module if you currently utilise the Simplifi Master / Subordinate register structure and you wish to track compliance and governance across multiple sites and registers.
4Will this help us with our ISO audits?
Yes, the Governance module has been designed to meet the ISO requirements for “Evaluation of compliance”.
5Can we have a trial of the module to see if it would work for us?
Yes, by all means. Please contact us and we can offer a full demonstration and a trial to enable you to evaluate the Module.