16th May 2024

Lincolnshire waste management company find £200,000

A Lincolnshire waste management company has been fined £200,000 after a worker suffered burns to body and face. An investigation by HSE found that the task was not part of the normal workload for the injured worker and that he had not received any training with regards to undertaking electrical work.  The task had not been properly planned nor risk assessed and the electrical cables were not isolated before work began.  In addition, the level of supervision provided was inadequate and safety devices on the electrical supply had been set inappropriately, prioritising continuity of supply over safety of the electrical circuit.

8th May 2024

Yorkshire metals recycling company fined £1.2m

A Yorkshire metals recycling company has been fined £1.2m after a worker was injured after being struck by a wagon at a processing site. An investigation by the HSE found that at the time of the incident the site was not organised in such a way that pedestrians and vehicles could circulate in a safe manner. A transport risk assessment had not been put in place for the segregation of vehicles and pedestrians. The company had also failed to take steps to properly assess the risks posed by the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

29th April 2024

Kent housing company fined £528,000

A Kent housing company has been fined £528,000 after an employee repairing a fence post inadvertently struck an underground cable, suffering burns to his face. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), found that the company often excavated the ground. However, they never provided any information to employees on the location of underground services and did not provide suitable equipment to detect and safely excavate underground services. They had previously identified the risk of underground services in a risk assessment in 2017.