24th June 2022

Dairy company fined £1,500,000

A west country cheese maker has been fined £1,500,000 having been found guilty of a number of offenses. These included releasing a harmful biocide into the adjacent river which killed fish for over a two kilometres, coating the river with a noxious black sludge for five kilometres, consistently exceeding emission limits over a five year to 2021, repeatedly generating foul odours which affected local residents and failing to report significant events to the Environment Agency on seven separate occasions.

8th June 2022

Railway maintenance company fined £k550.

A railway maintenance company was fined £550,000 after an incident, in 2014, when a wall of a trench collapsed, burying a worker. The worker suffered serious injuries including a broken pelvis and several broken ribs and is still in pain and unable to work.  At the time of the collapse, the excavation was approximately two metres deep and had been constructed without any support to the sides. The investigation found that the company had decided not to use temporary works (such as trench supports) to shore up the excavation despite evidence of unstable ground conditions.  It was also found that the company had not adequately briefed its construction team on how to complete tasks and was not following its own methods.

31st May 2022

Shetland firm fined £80,000

A Shetland fish processing firm was fined £80,000 after a worker died  following injuries sustained when she was run over, in 2018, by a forklift. An investigation found that no site-specific workplace transport risk assessment had been carried out and no control measures had been put in place to separate pedestrians and vehicles.  It was also found that the company had no effective arrangements for the management of health and safety and had failed to act on the advice of a health and safety consultant several years prior to the incident.