21st September 2021

London waste company fined £200k

A waste and recycling company has been fined £200,000 after HSE inspectors discovered widespread poor management of health and safety risks at their site in West London.  Following a routine visit and a subsequent specialist electrical and civil engineering inspection HSE also issued nine Prohibition Notices and seven Improvement Notices.

21st September 2021

Norfolk Chemical firm fined £1 Million

A Norfolk chemical company was fined £1million after a man died in an explosion. A maintenance engineer was carrying out repair work on a mixing vessel during a planned period of shutdown maintenance in 2018. It is thought that his welding torch or grinder accidentally ignited flammable Toluene vapour inside the vessel, which should not have been present when the work commenced. An HSE Inspector said “Any company handling or storing flammables should consider the potential risk of fire and explosion and ensure they have robust procedures in place to minimise and control risk at all times, including during planned maintenance work.”

9th September 2021

Potato firm fined £300,000

A Lincolnshire food manufacturing company was fined £300,000 and ordered to pay costs of £9,925 after employees were exposed to sulphur dioxide (SO2) gas released as a result of poor planning and unsafe systems of work during the commissioning and operation of a new potato processing line.  During the incident (June 2018) the factory had to be evacuated and other workers in the vicinity were affected. A maintenance engineer and another worker were so badly affected that they were not able to return to work due to the effects of the gas on their lungs.