26th September 2016

“Scappers” fined for health and safety offences

A Bolton based scrapyard that featured in a recent BBC documentary series has been fined £30,000 and ordered to pay costs of £26,687 after an employee suffered facial injuries at work.

The HSE investigation found there was no record of formal training, and a tool specifically designed for the job was not generally used. There did not appear to be any formal supervision arrangements at the time, and there was no safe system of work in place for operating the petrol saw at the time of the incident.

22nd September 2016

Composting site operator fined £50,000 after breaching its permit

A Cambridgeshire waste composting operator has been fined £50,000 and ordered to pay £13,336 after smells from a their operation made workers on an adjacent prestige research park feel sick.

The company failed to implement appropriate measures after the incident in July 2014 and the serving of three enforcement notices. The company had also failed to submit an adequate odour management plan to the Environment Agency before the July offence.

21st September 2016

Lincolnshire manufacturing company fined £1,000,000

A Lincolnshire manufacturing company has been fined £1million with costs £6,311 following the death of a worker. The deceased was moving a large CNC milling machine, which overturned and killed him.

The Health and Safety Executive found during its investigation that the work was not properly planned. The centre of gravity of the machine had not been properly assessed and taken into account before the move took place. This resulted in an unsafe system of work being used for the job, with fatal consequences.

The firm had not ensured that workers who were tasked with lifting and moving the machine were sufficiently trained and had the right experience and training for carrying out such a potentially dangerous activity