6th January 2016

Prosecution for failure to manage asbestos

A food company and their contractor have been fined a total of £165,000 and ordered to pay £18,000 costs after asbestos was disturbed during building work and only identified by chance when an asbestos removal contractor attended site.

HSE found that the company was undertaking a project to remove tanks from a factory which required the demolition of an external wall. They failed to provide an asbestos survey to enable their contractor to quote and plan appropriately for the work to be undertaken.

When the wall was demolished asbestos insulation board at the top of the wall was unknowingly broken up. A skip of demolition debris was found to contain asbestos insulation board, which had been identified by an asbestos contractor who had been called to site.


30th December 2015

Companies fined after death of scaffolder.

Two companies have been fined a total of £1.3million following the death of a scaffolder who fell to his death after being struck by falling debris inside an industrial tower. The HSE Inspector prosecuting stated that this was an entirely preventable incident and proper planning and protection from the foreseeable danger of falling material would have prevented this from happening.

21st December 2015

Essex manufacturing company fined £750,000 following workplace fatality

An Essex manufacturing company has been fined £750,000 and ordered to pay costs of £29,511 following an incident, in September 29013, when a worker was fatally crushed after his arm was caught in a powered roller. The incident occurred because a critical guard was not in place.