software features

  • Combine Environmental, Health, Safety and Energy Legislation to build your own bespoke Legal register.
  • Simple Legislation ‘At a glance’ and ‘in depth’ summaries and daily Legislation updates help you understand and track relevant Legislation.
  • Manage and demonstrate compliance, Audits and reviews.
  • Capture and manage Aspects and Risks.
  • Implement management system such as ISO 14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001

The Simplifi automated ‘Legal register’ builder is designed to help you efficiently identify, understand and manage your Legislative compliance.
The Simplifi suite of management modules provides a comprehensive range of tools to enable you to efficiently manage and show your response to relevant Environmental, Health and Safety, and Energy Legislation.

 Forthcoming Calendar

The ‘Forthcoming Calendar’ provides a simple calendar view of what is happening in the world of policy and Legislation. Scroll through our familiar calendar format to view up and coming Bills, Consultations and when new Legislation comes into force. Create your own events and view ‘Action’ completion dates. Filter out entries that are not applicable, tailoring the Forthcoming Calendar to your personal requirements…

 SIMPLIFi documents

The documents module provides our templates and guidance on implementing a management system based on ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001. All the documents in your management system can be uploaded and referenced in the system…


Capture and manage your Health, Safety and business risks. Our new risk register module allows you to capture assess and manage your risks.

 SIMPLIFi aspects

Our aspects module provides a simple tool to manage aspects and risks as part of your management system. Aspects can be rated for significance and attached to legislation in your legal register…

 SIMPLIFi audit manager

Use our audit manager module to manage your internal audits…

 SIMPLIFi actions

The Simplifi actions tracking system is an excellent feature for monitoring compliance audits and ensuring non-conformances are assigned to the correct staff and tracked through to completion…

 SIMPLIFi guidance

The guidance module is our resource library of all the guidance documents you could need including publication from DEFRA, HSE, Natural England and the European Union…

 SIMPLIFi reports

Keep your management team informed with the new management reporting module…

 SIMPLIFi governance

Simplifi’s ‘Governance’ module provides a comprehensive “Plug-in” to the Legal Register.
It is an intuitive mechanism to record and demonstrate a progressive audit trail of compliance and governance related to individual items of Legislation….

 SIMPLIFi a Register

Our new ‘Simplifi a Register’ option allows you to print a Health and Safety/Environmental Legal register whenever you need it, without the need to subscribe to one of the Simplifi daily updated Legislation compliance software packages…

 SIMPLIFi ISO14001 Module

Simplifi’s interactive on line management module provides everything you need, in one place to build and maintain a professional ISO14001 Environmental Managment System. Answer a few simple questions about your organisation and our unique “wizard” will construct a professional management system…

 SIMPLIFi ISO9001 Module

By following simple steps our system wizard will build a professional Quality Manual that can be viewed on-line or printed if required…