what is the ‘Forthcoming Calendar’ module?

1What is the ‘Forthcoming Calendar’ module?
Simplifi have provided a month by month calendar with a view of what is going on in the world of consultations, policy and legislation. Our legislation update team add information that they feel is relevant to our users to keep them fully informed of any up and coming relevant events.

These can be viewed as a calendar or as an individual item that can be displayed together with a full description and a link to the actual source of the information if one is available.

Users also have the ability to add their own important events in to the calendar.
2Why would we need the Forthcoming Calendar?
The Forthcoming calendar allows your organisation to be more proactive in dealing with changes to legislation. A user can scroll through the months to see what changes are approaching and make plans for the organisation to deal with those changes. An organization can also add data they feel is important to the Forthcoming Calander.
3Can we add our own events into the calendar?
Simplifi have built the Forthcoming Calendar specifically so users can add events into the calendar. Typically, these might be up and coming inspections or planned audits. Actions created within the Simplifi system are also automatically added to the calendar on the relevant dates.