5th August 2016

Bradford skip hire firm prosecuted

A Bradford-based skip firm has been ordered to pay £27,420 after repeatedly breaking environmental laws. The Environment Agency brought the prosecution because the firm repeatedly stored too much waste on its Becks Road site, and was also found to be running an illegal waste site on Rosse Street in Bradford.

26th July 2016

Tata Steel fined £1.98million

Tata Steel has been fined total of £1.98million (£185,000 was for the first offence and £1.8m for the second offence) and ordered to pay costs of £22,500 after two workers suffered injuries to their hands in two separate incidents involving machinery.

Northampton Crown Court heard how an employee lost two thirds of his left hand and his middle and ring fingers whilst trying to clear a blockage on a steel tube manufacturing line which had unsuitable guarding, and in a separate incident, a team leader lost part of his little finger when his left hand was caught, again in an inadequately guarded machine, whilst he was receiving refresher training.

25th July 2016

Dorset waste management operator given a suspended prison sentance

The operator of an illegal waste cooking oil storage and processing plant located in the Dorset countryside has received a given a four month prison sentence suspended for eighteen months, ordered to carry out two hundred hours unpaid community work and made the subject of a Criminal Behaviour Order.  He was also ordered to pay £20,000 costs.

Waste oil was being kept at the site in an ‘ad hoc and haphazard fashion’. This resulted in neighbouring properties and a stream being polluted. When two of his neighbours complained the defendant threatened them with violence. Environment Agency staff estimated that approximately 60,000 litres of mixed oils and food products were being stored at the site and some of the materials were contaminated with plastics, wood and human wastes.

Total costs for clean up of the site may exceed £50,000 for which West Dorset District Council may launch civil proceedings against the operator to recover this money. The Environment Agency had also incurred £29,500 in investigation and legal costs.