16th August 2016

Crdiff construction firm fined £143,000

A Cardiff-based construction company has been fined £143,000 and ordered to costs of £15,029 after a worker was seriously injured falling down a lift pit. The court was told that there had been numerous management failings associated with this project, which included a lack of effective site management and supervision, a construction plan that did not properly consider obvious working at height risks and a lack of an effective Temporary Works Management System

15th August 2016

Manchester aluminium diecaster fined £140,000

A Manchester aluminium diecasting producer has been fined £140,000 after a worker suffered life threatening injuries when he became trapped in a machine. The worker had entered the middle of the aluminium diecasting machine to clear a build-up of metal. Whilst carrying out this routine procedure a robot arm started to move and trapped him. He suffered a cardiac arrest and fourth degree burns.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found the machine had only been partially guarded. This was despite there being a risk assessment in place at the time of the incident identifying the hazard of contact or entrapment with the ladle

8th August 2016

South Wales construction company fined £100,000

A South Wales company has been fined £100,000 and ordered to pay costs of £4633.76 for running an unsafe timber-frame construction site. HSE found that measures to prevent a fire starting and getting out of control on the fifty-four house site had not been properly taken. There was a lack of site management control, insufficient means to detect a fire and raise the alarm, poor control of ignition sources and a general lack of emergency planning. Workers were also at risk of being struck or crushed by construction vehicles on site