9th November 2016

Grimsby chemical company fined a total of £2.8Million

A Grimsby chemical company has been fined £2.2 million for an incident in March 2010 when a loss of containment of Titanium Tetrachloride resulted in the death of a worker and a second having life changing injuries. The company was also fined £600,000 for a second release which occurred in July 2011. The company was also ordered to pay £37,868 costs.

The investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found the company had deviated from the normal operating procedures, which led to the dangerous build-up of the chemical. Parts of the plant and its procedures were poorly designed and the company had not established robust safety management procedures and systems of work to assess and control risk and to ensure that these were actually followed.

After the hearing the HSE inspector commented: “The incident of 5 March 2010 caused the death of one employee and life changing injuries to another. Had the wind been blowing in the opposite direction it could also have caused a local disaster. However, the company still did not learn lessons from the 2010 incident and had another significant release of the same toxic gas just over a year later”

8th November 2016

Kent waste and recycling company fined £80,000

A Kent-based waste and recycling company has been fined £80,000 and ordered to pay costs of £38,374 after an employee died when wasted material collapsed on top of him. The judge indicated that if the company had not been in administration the fine would have been between £600,000 and £1.3 million.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive into the incident, which occurred on 9 August 2014, found that the company failed to undertake and prepare risk assessments or safe systems of work for the creation and management of the stockpiles or provide adequate training.


3rd November 2016

Developer fined £600,000

The Principal Contractor, of a Putney, London, development was fined £600,000 and ordered to pay costs of £14,935. following the death of a worker died and two others being badly injured when a temporary platform collapsed. The platform, which were part of ‘temporary works’ was neither built to an agreed safe design, nor was the quality of the build checked by those in control of the site, even though they were crucial to the safety of workers on upper floors.