10th October 2016

Bedfordshire metal company fined after a worker suffered severe leg injuries and lost most of his foot.

A Bedfordshire metal company has been £130,000 with costs of £2,456 after a worker suffered severe leg injuries and lost most of his foot when a trolley carrying metal stock fell on his legs.

HSE found that the metal trolleys had been used on site for some twenty years without incident. The trolleys had been purchased to be used as ‘workstations’, but employees had chosen to also use them to move metal stock around the site. There was no risk assessment or written system of work for these trolleys at the time of the accident. The trolley also had faulty wheels and there was no record of any maintenance. After the accident, the trolley was given a safe working load of 500kg; half the weight placed on the trolley at the time of the accident.

10th October 2016

Cheeki Rafiki yacht death charges to be brought

The director of the firm that managed the Cheeki Rafiki yacht has been charged with four counts of gross negligence manslaughter after it capsized in 2014, killing its crew. The 40ft yacht had been missing in the North Atlantic when it was found with no sign of its crew in May 2014.

The company is also charged with breaking merchant shipping laws.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said it had carried out an investigation lasting more than two years into the circumstances surrounding the loss of the Cheeki Rafiki.


26th September 2016

“Scappers” fined for health and safety offences

A Bolton based scrapyard that featured in a recent BBC documentary series has been fined £30,000 and ordered to pay costs of £26,687 after an employee suffered facial injuries at work.

The HSE investigation found there was no record of formal training, and a tool specifically designed for the job was not generally used. There did not appear to be any formal supervision arrangements at the time, and there was no safe system of work in place for operating the petrol saw at the time of the incident.