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20th June 2019

Changes to pesticide MRLs

HSE advise that MRL (maximum residue levels) in or on food and feed of plant and animal origin for pesticide residues are being changed. Authorisations for the use of such substances may be subject to change. While HSE aim to identify authorisations which require amending or withdrawing as a result of these changes authorisation holders are also responsible for ensuring their authorisations are compliant with the amended MRLs. Authorisation holders are advised to check the EUR-Lex webpage and the EU Pesticides database where new or changes to MRLs are published.

13th June 2019

Revised HSE Guidance document

HSE has revised the guidance document “Management and operation of microbiological containment laboratories”.  Most of the amendments are minor.  There is a new Appendix 8 – Work with Hazard Group 3 Parasites.

30th January 2019

HSE guidance on regulation of pesticides following Brexit

The HSE has published guidance on the regulation of pesticides following Brexit.

This is guidance on arrangements for regulation of plant protection products (PPPs), which are often referred to as ‘pesticides’, during the IP.  guidance covers

Preparations for an implementation period What businesses need to know More about how things will change if the UK leaves the EU with a deal Applications for active substance approvals Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) Applications for product authorisations Applications which have started before exit day Trading in plant protection products Information for pesticides users If there is ‘no-deal’