In the News

20th August 2021

Submission of export chemicals

HSE, the GB PIC Designated National Authority (DNA), is inviting companies to start submitting notifications for exports of chemicals in the GB PIC List that are expected to take place during 2022. The GB PIC export notification form is available on HSE’s website, where there is further information and supporting guidance for completing the form.

9th July 2021

HSE release annual fatality data

HSE released data on 9th July for the year 2020/21 showing that there had been one hundred and forty-two workplace fatalities in Great Britain.  This is an increase of twenty-nine over the previous year, though the number of deaths in 2019/20 (113) was low compared with other recent years.  The three most common causes of fatal injuries continue to be workers falling from height, being struck by a moving vehicle and being struck by a moving object.  30% of fatal injuries involved persons aged sixty or over, though this age group only makes up around 11% of the workforce.  Members of the public continue to be killed in connection with work-related incidents. In 2020/21 sixty such fatalities were recorded.

17th June 2021


An updated version (1.1) of GPP21 – Guidance for Pollution Prevention for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – has been published, June 2021, and has been uploaded to the Simplifi website. There seems little change from the previous version.