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20th February 2018

‘Far too many serious pollution incidents’ says Environment Agency water quality report

Environment Agency Chair, Emma Howard Boyd has called on water companies and farmers to cut the amount of pollution incidents harming England’s waters and for penalties to be made tougher, as the EA publishes The State of the Environment: Water Quality report today.

Although the number of serious incidents has fallen by almost two thirds since 2001, the report reveals that 317 occurred in 2016. Agriculture is now the largest sector responsible for water pollution, while the number of serious incidents by water companies has remained at around 60 per year for the past decade – more than one a week.

The report shows that water quality has improved markedly over the last 30 years, following more than a century of poorly regulated industrial practices. England has the cleanest bathing waters since records began and rivers that were biologically dead are reviving. But there is more work to do to achieve the Environment Agency’s ambition of a cleaner, healthier and better managed water environment

17th January 2018

Good practice guide published

GPP 20 Dewatering underground ducts and chambers.

4th January 2018

HSE Drainflow spreadsheet is now available to download

HSE advise that the Environmental Fate and Behaviour MACRO (v4.3b) higher tier drainflow spreadsheet is now available to download from There is also the option for higher tier drainflow assessments to be performed using the Webfram model. Applicants should note that either approach to refining first tier exposure assessments is acceptable and it is not necessary to pass both methods. Applicants are encouraged to use either of the harmonised tools as soon as possible in regulatory submissions to the UK. However HSE will continue to accept individual Applicant approaches to running higher tier MACRO simulations for a period of six months (to June 2018)