21st November 2016

SR 2016/401

The Waste (Fees and Charges) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016. Comes into force 16th December. Amends SR 1999/362 Controlled Waste (Regulations of Carriers and Seizure of Vehicles) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999 and SR 2003/493 Waste Management Licensing Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003.

21st November 2016

SI 2016/1108

The Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance Regulations 2016. Comes into force 1st January 2017.  These regulations implement the requirements of Article 14(11) of the Directive 2012/27/EU (Energy Efficiency). These Regulations amend the following instruments: • SI 2015/1947; the Renewables Obligation Order 2015; • SI 2014/2388; the Renewables Obligation Closure Order 2014; • SSI 2009/140; the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Order 2009; • SR 2009/154; the Renewables Obligation Order (Northern Ireland) 2009; • SI 2015/933; the Emissions Performance Standard Regulations 2015; • SI 2014/2010; the Contracts for Difference (Definition of Eligible Generator) Regulations 2014; • SI 2011/2860; the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Regulations 2011; • SI 2007/292; the Guarantees of Origin of Electricity Produced from High-efficiency Cogeneration Regulations 2007.

18th November 2016

SSI 2016/376.

 The Air Quality Standards (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2016.  Comes into force 31st December.  These Regulations amend the Air Quality Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2010 (SSI 2010/204) to implement changes brought in by Commission Directive (EU) 2015/1480.  This Directive amends the rules concerning reference methods, data validation and location of sampling points for the assessment of ambient air quality.