12th February 2018

SI 2018/171

The Littering From Vehicles Outside London (Keepers: Civil Penalties) Regulations 2018. Comes into force 1st April. These Regulations make provision for a litter authority to give a penalty notice to a person who is the keeper of a vehicle.

9th February 2018

SI 2018/151

The Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations 2018. Comes into force 2nd April. These Regulations set out provisions to reduce and prevent the pollution of waters from diffuse agricultural sources. These Regulations implement, along with other existing measures, Article 11(3)(h) of Directive 2000/60/EC establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy which requires Member States to implement basic measures to prevent or control the input of pollutants from diffuse sources.

8th February 2018

SSI 2018/40.

The Carbon Accounting Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2018. Comes into force 30th March. These regulations amend The Carbon Accounting Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2010 (SSI 2010/216).

Amendments provide for method for determining whether an amount of carbon units is to be credited to or debited from the net Scottish emissions account for 2016 and the information to be included in a register for 2016.