31st March 2017

WSI 2017/504.

The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 (Commencement No. 2) Order 2017. Comes into force on 1st April. This brings into force sections of Part 6 of the Act which are not already in force.

31st March 2017

SI 2017/ 490

The Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) (Amendment) Order 2017.  Comes into force 29th March. These regulations amend The Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order 2014 (SI 2014/3219).  Article 3 of SI 2014/3219 is amended to increase the overall carbon emissions reduction target and the overall home heating cost reduction target and to extend the period covered by those targets by 18 months to 30th September 2018. There are other amendments to support the changes in the targets and to change definitions.

30th March 2017

SI 2017/493

The Electricity and Gas (Internal Markets) Regulations 2017. Comes into force 24th April. They make amendments to the electricity and gas regulatory regimes in Great Britain, specifically the provisions of the Gas Act 1986 and the Electricity Act 1989 by redefining “relevant producer or supplier” in the Gas Act and “regulated person” in the Electricity Act.