3rd June 2020

SI 2020/563

SI 2020/563.  The Energy Efficiency (Building Renovation and Reporting) (Amendment) Regulations 2020.  Comes into force 24th June. These Regulations amend the Energy Efficiency (Building Renovation and Reporting) Regulations 2014 (SI 2014/952) and implement amendments made to Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings.

2nd June 2020

SI 2020/552

SI 2020/552.  The Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020. Coming into force 22nd June. These Regulations implement and provide for the enforcement of Regulation (EU) 2017/ on official controls and other official activities performed to ensure the application of food and feed law, rules on animal health and welfare, plant health and plant protection products  as regards plant protection products.

1st June 2020

SI 2020/558

SI 2020/558.  The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2020. Coming into force 1st June. These Regulations further amend the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 (SI 2020/350).  Amendments permit the training of elite athletes. They clarify that places of worship and community centres may be used to provide early years childcare.  They add a prohibition on staying overnight in a place other than where a person lives, without reasonable excuse and they include a more detailed provision on prohibited gatherings.