9th December 2016

SI 2016/1153

The Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016. Comes into force 28th December. These Regulations implement Directive 2014/32/EU on the marketing of measuring instruments.

9th December 2016

SI 2016/1190

The Nitrate Pollution Prevention (Amendment) Regulations 2016. Comes into force 31st December. Amends Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/668). Amendments relate to a revised Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (“NVZ”) designations for the period 2017 to

8th December 2016

SI 2016/1189

The Climate Change Agreements (Administration) (Amendment and Related Provision) Regulations 2016.  Comes into force 30th December. Amends Climate Change Agreements (Administration) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/1976).