6th September 2016

SSI 2016/ 251

The Water Environment (Shellfish Water Protected Areas: Designation) (Scotland) Order 2016. Comes into force 4th October. This Order designates Loch Ryan as a shellfish water protected area.

22nd August 2016

WSI 2016/845.

The Food Hygiene (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2016. Comes into force 15th October. These Regulations make various amendments to the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006 (SI 2006/31) to provide for the execution and enforcement in Wales of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1375 laying down specific rules on official controls for Trichinella in meat.

19th August 2016

EU 2016/426.

EU 2016/426. EU Regulation on appliances burning gaseous fuels and repealing Directive 2009/142/EC. Comes into force 21st April 2018. Covers requirements on manufactures, importers and distributors to ensure conformity.