3rd February 2016

SI 2016/104

The Plant Health (England) (Amendment) Order 2016. Comes into force 24th February. This Order amends the Plant Health (England) Order 2015 (SI 2015/610).

The Order makes provision to prevent the introduction of Epitrix from any area in mainland Spain. It amends Part B of Schedule 4 to prohibit the introduction of unwashed tubers of Solanum tuberosum L., including those intended for planting, from any such area. It also implements Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/1175, 2015/1199, 2015/1849, 2015/2417 and 2015/2434.


28th January 2016

SSI 2016/46

The Carbon Accounting Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2016. Comes into force 1st April. These Regulations amend the Carbon Accounting Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2010 (SSI 2010/216).

25th January 2016

SSI 2016/39

The Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2016. Comes into force 12th May. These Regulations amend the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 (SSI 2012/360). Amendment is with respect to the EU Directive on vapour recovery systems in petrol filling stations