11th February 2016

SSI 2016/94

The Scottish Landfill Tax (Standard Rate and Lower Rate) Order 2016. Comes into force 1st April. This Order specifies the standard rate and lower rate for Scottish landfill tax for disposals on or after 1st April 2016. The standard rate is £84.40 and the lower rate is £2.65.

11th February 2016

SSI 2016/93.

The Scottish Landfill Tax (Qualifying Material) Order 2016. Comes into force 1st October. This Order provides that material listed in column 2 of the Schedule is qualifying material for the purposes of the lower rate of Scottish landfill tax

11th February 2016

SI 2016/149.

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2016. Comes into force 13th May. These Regulations implement Commission Directive EU 2014/99 as regards the test methods to certify petrol vapour recovery systems for use in service stations and the test methods to verify the operation of such systems.