15th February 2017

WSI 2017/152

The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 (Commencement No. 1) Order 2017. Comes into force 24th February.  Brings into force Sections 77. 78 and 79 of Environment (Wales) Act 2016.

13th February 2017

SI 2017/131

The Feed-in Tariffs (Amendment) Order 2017. Comes into force 20th March.    Amends The Feed-in Tariffs Order 2012 (SI 2012/2782).  Makes amendments to Articles 2, 8B, 16, 35 and Schedules 1A, 2 and 2A.  Adds new Articles on notices to reduce, withhold or recoup generation payments (35ZA) and anaerobic digestion installations and entitlement to generation payments (38B to J).

9th February 2017

SI 2017/108

The Infrastructure Act 2015 (Commencement No. 6 and Savings) Regulations 2017. Comes into force 6th April. These Regulations commence section 52 of the Infrastructure Act 2015 (reimbursement of persons who have incurred expenses making electrical connections).