16th November 2018

SR 2018/190

SR 2018/190.  The Environmental Noise (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2018. Comes into force 31st December. These Regulations amend the Environmental Noise Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006 (SR 2006/387) to implement Commission Directive (EU) 2015/996 establishing common noise assessment methods

16th November 2018

SSI 2018/352

SSI 2018/352.  The Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Amendment Order 2018. Comes into force 20th November. These Regulations amend Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Order 2009 (SSI 2009/140).   This Order lifts a restriction on the amount of electricity which can be produced by hydro generating stations without affecting eligibility for Scottish Renewable Obligation Certificates (SROCs).

16th November 2018

SI 2018/1183

SI 2018/1183.  The Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order 2018. Comes into force 7th December. These Regulations establish the Energy Company Obligation scheme for the period to 31st March 2022 for the promotion of measures for reducing the cost to individuals of heating their homes.