27th May 2016

HMRC consultation

HMRC is consulting on proposals to amend the definition of a taxable disposal at a landfill site and for information on the disposal on certain types of hazardous material. Consultation closes 18th August.

12th May 2016

DECC consultation on changes to CFD

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is seeking views on proposed amendments to the Contracts for Difference Standard Terms and Conditions and secondary legislation. Consultation closes 8th June.


28th April 2016

ECHA consultation

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has ECHA has launched a public consultation on applications for authorisation covering uses of Chromium VI compounds; used in surface treatment, hard chrome plating, conversion coating, passivation, cooling systems, 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) used as solvent and as a swelling agent, Bis(2-methoxyethyl) ether (Diglyme); Used as a carrier solvent and processing and Formaldehyde, oligomeric reaction products with aniline; used in an epoxy resin hardener. Consultation closes 22nd June.