14th January 2020

Consultation on marine plans

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is consulting on the Draft North East, Draft North West, Draft South East and Draft South West Marine Plans and associated documents in accordance with the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.  Consultation closes 6th April.

15th November 2019

EA consults on new and amended Standard Rules

The Environment Agency is consulting on the development of three new Standard Rules.  Consultation closes 31st Jan.  These rules are for waste operators who carry out the treatment of:

waste mattresses for recovery (SR 2019 No 4) waste paper, cardboard and plastic for recovery (SR 2019 No 5) waste tyres for recovery (SR 2019 No 6)

The consultation also covers amendments to three other Standard Rules.  New waste codes will be added to SR2008 No12 and SR2008 No13.  Changes will also be made to SR2015 No18 covering the acceptance and storage of intact waste vehicle catalytic converters and amending a number of conditions.

8th November 2019

EA consults on river basin management

The Environment Agency is consulting on changes to river basin management plans.  Consultation closes 24th April 2020.