12th May 2017

MCA consultation

The Marine and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) is consulting on the UK’s implementation of Directive (EU) 2016/844 amending Directive 2009/45/EC “on Safety Rules and Standards for Passenger Ships. Consultation closes 22nd June.

5th May 2017

Consultation on reduction of roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations

DEFRA  is consulting on a revised Plan to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide around roads within the shortest possible time.  Consultation closes 15th June.

11th April 2017

DEFRA consultation on litter

DEFRA is consulting on increasing fines for littering, graffiti, fly-posting and introducing new fines for throwing litter from vehicles. Consultation closes 18th June

This consultation seeks  views on proposals by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to:

Increase the levels for section 88 fixed penalties in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 for littering and other environmental offences and make amendments to the default penalties for littering and related offences, are which are set out in the Environmental Protection Act 1990.; Change the provision for how councils can use the income from fixed penalties for environmental offences; and Remove the requirement for the parish council enforcement officers to attend a specified training course.

This consultation also seeks views on introducing new regulations to enable councils to issue fixed penalties (civil fines) to the keeper of a vehicle from which litter is thrown, where the litterer cannot be identified.