6th April 2018

DEFRA is carrying out an additional consultation on Water Resources.

DEFRA is carrying out an additional consultation on the new National Policy Statement for Water Resources.  This consultation covers proposals for the types and sizes of infrastructure which should be considered as ‘nationally significant’. Consultation closes 26th April. This consultation contains five questions specifically relating to the types and sizes of infrastructure. The responses we receive will inform the final amendments to the Planning Act 2008 infrastructure thresholds.

21st March 2018

EU consultation on ecodesign requirements

The European Commission is consulting on the ecodesign requirements for standby, networked standby and off mode electric power consumption. Consultation closes 24th May. It is noted that products covered by this regulation include home appliances, consumer electronics and information technology equipment.

13th March 2018

Consultation on use of tax to reduce single use plastic waste.

HM Treasury is consulting on using the tax system or charges to address single-use plastic waste. Consultation closes 18th May.

The government wishes to explore how changes to the tax system or charges could be used to reduce the amount of single-use plastics by reducing unnecessary production, increasing reuse and improving recycling. It would also like to explore how innovation in this area can be driven to achieve the same outcomes. All options will be considered for using the tax system to address single-use plastic waste and to drive innovation. The consultation covers the whole supply chain, from production and retail to consumption and disposal.