18th January 2016

DECC consulting on energy sector regulation

DECC is consulting on how regulation in the energy sector encourages innovation, and invites views on effectiveness of current regulatory framework in enabling innovation. Consultation closes 14th February.

15th January 2016

Environment Agency on charges for flood risk activities.

The Environment Agency is consulting on proposed changes to charges for permitting for flood risk activities so they better reflect the costs to provide this service. Consultation closes 14th February

5th January 2016

DEFRA and the Welsh Government consulting onto R1 energy efficiency formula.

DEFRA and the Welsh Government are consulting on plans to adjust the energy efficiency formula used by energy from waste plants seeking recovery (R1) status. Consultation closes 29th January. Changes are being made to UK legislation to implement new EU Directive 2015/1127 which introduces an amendment to the R1 energy efficiency formula in Annex II of the EU Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC)[1] (“the Waste Directive”). The consultation outlines these changes in detail, when these changes will take effect and seeks views on whether stakeholders agree with the way we intend to make these changes.