10th February 2016

EU Consultation

The European Commission is consulting on preparation of a sustainable bioenergy policy for the period after 2020.

The objective of this survey is to consult stakeholders and citizens on an improved EU policy on sustainable bioenergy for the period 2020-2030, foreseen before the end of 2016.  Consultation closes 10th May.

3rd February 2016

Environment Agency consultation

The Environment Agency is calling for evidence in support of the National Flood Resilience Review. Consultation closes 4th March. The Review will assess how the country can be better protected from future flooding and increasingly extreme weather events. It will focus on four key areas: updating our climate modelling and stress-testing the nation’s resilience to flood risk; assessing the resilience of our important infrastructure like electricity substations; our temporary defences; and our future investment strategy.

2nd February 2016

DEFRA consultation

DEFRA is consulting on proposals for the Drinking Water Regulations 2016. Consultation closes 14th This consultation seeks views on regulations which will revoke and replace the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000 and the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009.  The main points to note are:

Application of new monitoring requirements for radioactive substances as laid down in Directive 2013/51/EURATOM. For public water supply; the introduction of two changes, one to reduce the waiting time relating to the use of new sources of water and one to clarify requirements concerning data storage. Bringing new private water supplies into the monitoring regime. Additional wording and numbering changes to improve clarity where the Drinking Water Directive (Council Directive 98/83/EC) has been transposed. Changes to improve clarity of the regulations for water companies and local authorities