14th August 2017

Consultation on intermediate risk nuclear sites

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is consulting on nuclear third party liability and revised criteria for the definition of intermediate risk nuclear sites. Consultation closes 15th September. This consultation sets out revised criteria for the definition of intermediate risk nuclear sites in the draft Nuclear Installations (Prescribed Sites and Transport) Regulations.

Sites which meet these criteria represent a lower risk of causing significant damage in the event of a nuclear incident. Therefore setting a lower level of liability recognises this lower risk and reduces the cost of operators’ mandatory insurance cover in line with this lower risk. Government is consulting on the revised definition because the earlier consultation on this subject raised a number of points that have now been addressed.

2nd August 2017

DEFRA consultation

DEFRA is consulting on proposals to update the wording Security and Emergency Measures (Water Undertakers) Directions to take into account the new WSSL regime. Consultation closes 28th August.

21st July 2017

Consultation on regulations for ship recycling

The Marine and Coast Guard Agency is consulting on proposals for implementing an effective enforcement regime for the EU Ship Recycling Regulation through the proposed Ship Recycling (Requirements in relation to Hazardous Materials on Ships) Regulations 2017. Consultation closes 15th September.