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8th March 2016
EC consultation on international aviation
8th March 2016

UK Energy Statistics – 2015 provisional data

The Department for energy and climate change has published provisional date for 2015. A more detailed analysis will be published on 31 March.

Primary energy production rose by 9.0 per cent on a year earlier to 123.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent. This increase, the first since 1999, was due to rises in oil and gas output. Low carbon energy production rose by 13.8 per cent, with growth due to increased nuclear availability following outages towards the end of 2014, and boosted by strong growth from wind generation in 2015. Production of coal fell by 27 per cent, to a record low, due to
mine closures and other mines producing less coal as they come to the end of operation.

Energy production in 2015 was marginally above output levels of 2012.