February 2019 newsletter
25th February 2019
WSI 2019/456
7th March 2019

SI 2019/421

SI 2019/421. The Alternative Fuel Labelling and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019. Regulations come into force over the period 22nd March to 1st September. Parts 1 to 3 of this instrument implement requirements of EU Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure on the standardisation of labelling of types of motor vehicle fuel.  Part 2 requires fuel retailers to label refuelling points in order to provide clear information to users about the alternative fuel they dispense.  Part 4 amends the Motor Fuel (Road Vehicle and Mobile Machinery) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulations 2012 (S.I 2012/3030). The amendment allows certain energy suppliers to claim GHG credits arising out of reductions in upstream emissions generated in 2019.