Operators finger crushed when light curtain “fooled” by reflective strip.
23rd February 2017
Provisional energy statistics for 2016
27th February 2017


Risk assessment of pushing and pulling (RAPP) tool.   This tool aids the identification of high-risk pushing and pulling operations and check the effectiveness of any risk-reduction measures.

Two types of pulling and pushing operations can be assessed using this tool:

  • moving loads on wheeled equipment, such as hand trolleys, pump trucks, carts or wheelbarrows;
  • moving loads without wheels, which might involve actions such as dragging/sliding, churning (pivoting and rolling) and rolling.

For each type of assessment there is a flow chart, an assessment guide and a score sheet. The flow charts provide an overview of the risk factors and assessment process, while the assessment guides provide information to help determine the level of risk for each factor.  http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg478.pdf.  This document may also be found in the guidance section of the Simplifi-Solutions website.