WSI 2016/56 (W26)
23rd February 2016
SSI 2016/126
24th February 2016

HSE response to construction union press release

HSE has responded to construction union UCATT’s press release to media which claimed that there had been an increase in prosecution delays and fall in convictions following construction deaths

HSE stated that there has been no fall in conviction rates for HSE prosecutions. It actually rose from 92% in 2010/11 to 94% in 2014/15. The reduction referred to in the UCATT statement relates to the numbers of fatalities in construction for which prosecutions have been approved. The percentage of fatalities leading to a decision to prosecute in the same year will be lower in more recent years as a number of the more complex investigations will still be on-going or are progressing through the courts. The number of prosecution approvals should also be seen against an overall reduction in construction fatalities from over 100 in 2000/01 to 39(p) in 2014/15.