SI 2018/171
12th February 2018
SI 2018/68
15th February 2018

West Yorkshire packaging firm fined £120,000

A West Yorkshire packaging firm was fined £120,000 with £849 costs for safety breaches after a worker suffered life-changing injuries.

On the day of the incident the injured person, having finished his normal driving duties for the day, was asked to work in the factory. A supervisor set up a circular saw and demonstrated the task of pushing stacked cardboard sheets through the saw to pre-determined sizes. During the demonstration, no push stick or jig was used to push the cardboard through the blade.

After the demonstration the worker was left unsupervised. As he pushed the cardboard through the blade by hand, the cardboard twisted and pulled his right hand into the blade. The worker’s injuries were so severe that part of his index finger and ring finger had to be amputated from his right dominant hand, with his middle finger being damaged.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the company did not provide suitable and sufficient training, supervision and assessment of the risks that were necessary for the safe use of the circular saw.