SI 2020/1313
19th November 2020
SSI 2020/387
23rd November 2020

Waste firm fined £264,000

A Clydeside waste management company has been fined £264,000 following an incident where a twenty-eight-year employee was fatally injured whilst cleaning a mobile shredder.  Paisley Sheriff Court heard that on, 28 March 2018, two employees were trying to remove waste that was trapped between a heavy magnet and a hopper on the shredder machine. The deceased was struck by the magnet, which fell after he manually removed the locking pins that were keeping the magnet in place. He sustained extensive head injuries and died as a result. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the company had failed to provide employees engaged in cleaning and using the shredder with adequate training, information and instruction on the deployment of the magnet fitted to the shredder.