Leeds waste firm fined £760,000
9th November 2021
A 2021 c.30 Environment Act 2021
17th November 2021

The Environment Act 2021 (Commencement No. 1) Regulations 2021

The following provisions of the Act come into force on 17th November 2021—

(a)section 22 (The Office for Environmental Protection);
(b)section 23 (Principal objective of the OEP and exercise of its functions);
(c)section 24 (The OEP’s strategy: process);
(d)section 26 (Memorandum of understanding);
(e)section 44 (Meaning of “natural environment”);
(f)section 45 (Meaning of “environmental protection”);
(g)section 46 (Meaning of “environmental law”);
(h)section 47 (Interpretation of Part 1: general);
(i)Schedule 1 (The Office for Environmental Protection).