DECC consultation on changes to CFD
12th May 2016
Newport firm fined for cases of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
18th May 2016

The Energy Act 2016.

A 2016 c.20 The Energy Act 2016. Published 12th

  • Establishes the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), charged with the asset stewardship and regulation of domestic oil and gas recovery.
  • Transfers the existing regulatory powers on oil and gas to the OGA. Regulatory functions in relation to the environment would not be transferred.
  • Gives the OGA additional powers including: access to company meetings; data acquisition, retention and transfer; dispute resolution; and sanctions.
  • Introduce provisions in relation to charges for the offshore oil and gas environmental regulator’s services to the industry.
  • Transfers the consenting of new onshore wind farms into the planning regime in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.
  • Ends public subsidies for new onshore wind in Great Britain under the Renewables Obligation from 1 April 2016.